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OFFICE and ONLINE TELEHEALTH Appointments now Available


OFFICE and ONLINE TELEHEALTH appointments  now available


We all need a safe place to walk through our journeys without judgment. Do you need a place where someone listens, and a place to learn new skills. Please do not give up, there is hope.    


I am leaving you with a gift—Peace of Mind and heart & the Peace I give isn’t fragile like the Peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid. John 14:27 NLT

Our Therapy


Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, & PTSD

Do you know someone that is depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?   Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience. Through counseling you can engage in a new perspective and the regain the joy in your life. 



Neurofeedback or Brain training

 Are you having problems paying attention during meetings, in school, or remembering a simple grocery list?  

Neurofeedback has been shown to:

  • increase attention span
  • raise school grades
  • lower anxiety &
  • improve intimacy in relationships



Are you tired of fighting?  Does it feel like you have the same fight over and over?   Find your strengths & growth issues and reconnect with your loved ones through individual, premarital, couples, or family counseling. 

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222 Sidney Baker # 350, Kerrville, Texas 78028, United States

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