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What is Neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback (NFB) is brain training, which is a non invasive way to visually see the effects of trauma and stress in our bodies & mind. 

 We have many different brain waves occurring at all times.

  • Delta-helps us to sleep & repair the brain.  Too much-sleepy, possible brain injuries, LD, ADHD.  Too little- difficulty repairing brain, poor sleep
  • Theta-internal thought process & collects resources from other parts of the brain.  Too much- we are distracted by internal thoughts.  Too little-we can't collect resources.
  • Alpha-helps to calm or transition from one task to another.  Too much- we appear lethargic & depressed & can't transition from one task to another.  Too little- we can't relax.
  • Beta-helps us to focus & complete tasks.  Too much -we are anxious,  Too little- we are not able to focus.
  • High Beta- helps us when we compete in sports & is also seen in persons with PTSD.  Too much-we are hyper vigilant, Too little -we can't concentrate, block out distractions, or manage pain.                                   

How does it work?


 We start with an EEG by placing small sensors on the scalp & record brainwaves, much like a doctor uses a stethoscope to listens to the heartbeat. If the brainwaves are overactive or under active, then you may have difficulty with concentration, memory, sleep, ect.  For example, if soldiers are trained to be hyper alert & hyper focused (High Beta waves) for an extended period of time & danger is sensed, the brain trains itself to stay hyper vigilant to survive.  If the brain repeats this pattern for 21 days or once a week for 21 weeks, the brain gets "stuck" in this mode.Then it is hard for the soldiers to relax (Alpha), when they return home.  A child with ADDmay have too much Theta (internal distraction), or not enough Beta (external focusing) in the frontal lobe & not able to follow directions, ect.  

and .... Then What?


 We pair your EEG information with a data base to someone your age, gender and left/right handedness. Then we take this information and connect it a VIDEO GAME or DVD MOVIE.  When the computer reads the compared desired brainwave, the video game or movie will produce an audio and visual reward.  It's like playing a video game with your brain.  For most clients, after 20 sessions (once a week), the brain retrains itself toward the more desirable brainwaves.  

Is it Safe?


 Absolutely, it is non invasive & it does nothing directly to the brain except provide information about brain behavior. The EEG sensors that are placed on the scalp take in information about brainwaves.  No electrical information is put into the brain.   

What if I'm on Medications?


 It is always important for clients to communicate with their prescribing physician regarding Neurofeedback.  Sometimes, the medications may need to be adjusted as the brain takes over regulating itself.  Please consult with your doctor before changing any medications. 

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